Pro Vision Hockey Academy is dedicated to training hockey players to the next level. Our facility provides on ice training, as well as off ice conditioning in a single 10,000 square foot building. We want each hockey player that walks through our doors to have all the tool to success, ands do everything we can to help reach their goals. 

Pro Vision was founded by Bryan Hince and Scott Edwards. Bryan Hince played locally with the Knoxville Ice Bears, but played professionally in areas across the country. Bryan strives to make sure that every player has the keys to success. Commitment, dedication, and hard work are the ideals Bryan stands by, and instills to the athletes at Pro Vision. 

Scott Edwards is the other owner of Pro Vision. Scott are up watching hockey, and when his son started playing as a goalie, he wanted to build a place  where kids like his son, develop as a hockey player. 

With Scott's and Bryan's combined ideas, dreams, and hard work, they together created this facility.